Brasileirando is an emotionally charged danceensemble, emerging as one of New York's most unique performing groups. Founded, directed and choreographed by Danielle Lima, Brasileirando is a partnership among several dancers, each of whom brings their own wealth of knowledge to the collective, blending the natural elegance of Samba from Rio with the funk of Axe from the Northeast of Brasil, forro from the Sertao along with modern dance. 

Brasileirando showcase the diversity of Brasil, bringing their cultures from all over the world while performing Afoxe, Xaxado, Pagode, Forro, Axe & Samba Reggae like natives. Their colorful & dynamic costumes are a delight to see, with sequins, rhinestones & beautiful feathers. Brasileirando's playful style along with traditional and contemporary Brasilian music thrown in always provides for a radiant, axe-filled time.